The flavors of Sardinian tradition

Our cuisine offers various specialities typical of Sardinian tradition, prepared in accordance with the best recipes skilfully selected but with the added promise of satisfying your every desire. Each ingredient used in the preparation is sourced from the same area with attention to local staples in situ. The dishes for the children's menu are scrupulously chosen, always made up of quality products and just as much attention will be paid to food allergies. 
Located at the centre of the resort, accessible from the main road, restaurant Il Mirto features 130 seats. A perfect venue for any event with its vast and quiet indoor room, adjacent outdoor patio and barbecue area. Once a week we organise an delicious meat- or fish-based barbecue. The menu is typical and wholesome with a generous a la carte choice of hors d'oeuvres, appetisers and main courses. Our guests can also enjoy a bountiful Mediterranean lunch buffet in the restaurant. 
Open for lunch and dinner also to guests not staying at the hotel.


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