Liscia Country Relais

In an exclusive scenery that only nature could paint

The Liscia Country Relais stands in an oasis of picture-perfect, unpolluted nature that extends from the heart of Gallura to the shores of Lake Liscia, in a gorgeous setting rich in history amidst Europe's oldest oleasters and mastic trees.
Surrounded by 60 hectares of nature along the lake's fine sandy beach, the resort was restored in 2012 and returned to its former glory with absolute respect for the environment and is now perfectly integrated in stunning nature.
We aim to welcome you to our superior rooms, each distinctive and different from the others and to our cottages or villas where the style blends tradition and simplicity.
The 4-star inn in the small municipality of Luras in the province of Olbia located in one of Sardinia's most striking locales, is a comfortable retreat where you can either stay in our Standard, Superior or prestigious Deluxe rooms, designed with passion and love and featuring magnificent views,
or in our original family cottages or spacious La Roccia villa.


Attention to detail and glamour characterise the one-of-a kind rooms, each unique, yet complete with all modern comforts and with plenty of space. Each is decorated with the warm hues of surrounding nature, bright and with the finishing touch inspired from Sardinian style.

Classic Room

Liscia Country Relais - Classic Room

The rooms overlook the garden or the lake, are equipped with a desk and full-length mirror, ensuite bathroom with hairdryer and complimentary toiletries, safe, flat-screen TV, full-length mirror,minibar, luggage rack and some feature a balcony. They are located in the old casa padronale (main country house).
 Size: from 18 m2.


Villette immerse nella natura

Liscia Country Relais - Villette immerse nella natura

Arranged to accommodate 3\4 guests, the cottages consist of a sophisticated bedroom with double bed, full-length mirror, lounge with sleeper sofa (double), fitted kitchen, bathroom. They come with bed linens and towels and are located on the ground floor and benefit from a patio with outdoor furniture and separate entrance.The cottages feature a flat-screen TV, luggage rack and safe. Size: from 35 m2.


Deluxe Room

Liscia Country Relais - Deluxe Room

These one-of-a-kind rooms boast a view of the lake and come with double bed, ensuite bathroom with hairdryer and complimentary toiletries, safe, flat-screen TV, full-legth mirror, minibar and luggage rack.They are located on the ground floor and benefit from a patio with outdoor furniture. Size: from 25 m2.


Villette Suite

Liscia Country Relais - Villette Suite

Laid out to accommodate 6 guests, Villa La Roccia consists of two bedrooms, one with double bed and one with two twin beds with full-length mirror and bed linens, lounge with sleeper sofa (double), fitted kitchen, bathroom with towels. The bedrooms are located on the ground floor and benefit from a patio with outdoor furniture and separate entrance.The villa features a flat-screen TV, luggage rack and safe.Size: 65 m2.



The Liscia country resort staff undertakes to satisfy your every requirement and request in order to make this an unforgettable holiday for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any detail involving the booking or for any further information on guided tours and excursions. We will provide you with the best itineraries and help you to discover the charm of our land. In addition to Italian, we also speak English, Spanish, German and French.



Tour bookings

Aperitif and dinner with DJ

Meat or fish BBQ once a week

Mountain bikes

Children's playground

Il Mirto Restaurant

Outdoor pools

Shaded parking


You will find two pools within our resort, one larger one and a smaller children's pool. Both will allow you to enjoy unique views of Lake Liscia. The pool area features sunbeds and parasols. How wonderful is it to have a drink in the pool, against a background of our DJ's music.


A 2,500-year old oleaster from which the resort derives its name stands within the property. With its foliage, this impressive natural phenomenon provides a canopy of shade under which you can stop and admire the magnificent landscape nature displays at sunset. At a distance of only one kilometre you can admire the oleasters of Santu Baltolu di Carana, which with our own oleaster represent a natural heritage, unique in Europe.


Just a short distance from the millenarian oleaster, two millenarian mastic trees stand, which are unique in the whole world. The mastic tree is an evergreen shrub of the Anacardiaceae family, originating from Mediterranean countries and for that reason it is a plant that is particularly suited for maritime climates . The leaves and branches of the Lentisco are highly aromatic and, in addition, the resin contained in the bark was used in ancient times to produce a rubbery gum; the plant is still used today in medicinal herbs as well as by the perfume industry. From a physical point of view the Mastic tree, scientifically known as Pistacia lentiscus, has a short trunk, rounded foliage, reddish bark and dark green oval leaves with a peculiar consistency; in early spring clusters of flowers bloom: the female ones are green, whilst the male ones have a reddish hue. Fruits replace the blooms, red rounded berries, which, when they mature in winter, turn black. The mastic tree is suitable for use in Mediterranean and rocky gardens.


Hammocks have been set up in various strategic locations in the property and will give you the opportunity to relax observing the nature.


The fitness trail consists of 22 stations made up of diverse equipment. The first 14 stations are structured with specific pieces of equipment whilst the remaining eight, describe the exercises to be performed. This equipment allows to exercise all parts of the body and keep in shape, while admiring the stunning nature surrounding our country resort.


A morning jog to the shores of Lake Liscia is a pleasant way of getting rid of stress and not think of everyday problems and features among the options offered by the resort.


If you would like to spend a fun day with the family, the unpolluted nature that surrounds our property, provides the opportunity to go on wonderful bicycle rides, enabling you to discover a yet unexplored Sardinia. A picnic at the lake will contribute to making it an unforgettable day.


Wild turtles roam around the resort and you will see how many times you will run into them during your stay. Turtles have good vision: they are able to distinguish shapes, colours and also recognise people. They have a very precise sense of direction: should they be taken a few hundred metres away from their territory, to which they are very attached, they will quickly return. They are sensitive to vibrations in the ground, even if their hearing is not highly developed. We ask that you respect the turtles and their natural habitat.


Lake Liscia is a true fishing paradise, for seasoned enthusiasts but also for beginners. Described by experts as being among the best lakes for bass fishing, numerous competitions take place in the area. Fishing is possible from February until December and takes place in the flooded cork plantations and on the countless rocky steps. In addition to black bass you will find other fish species in the lake such as black bullhead, eel, brown trout and tench.


Sail with us on Lake Liscia, where the green of the thriving vegetation meets the blue of the lake's calm waters. We offer you the opportunity, unique in Sardinia, of a excursion on Lake Liscia on a wonderful Mississippi-style steamboat: safe, comfortable, fitted with striking paddle wheels, it can comfortably accommodate up to 172 passengers who can enjoy the beauty of the lake to the full. The shaded areas created by the mountains and the rocks that appear to jut out of the lake's surface will take care of the rest, making for a spectacle that is truly worthwhile.


One of the best ways to discover and get to know the various aspects of the island's landscape, especially inland, is on the Little Green Train. The train crosses a territory rich in vegetation where the railway, the bridges, the stations, the roadman's houses seem to form an integral part of the landscape, perfectly set against a background that can at times only be reached by train. The train moves at the right speed, allowing travellers to explore and get to know the landscape and vegetation, which slowly change as the train proceeds.

Liscia Country Relais - Percorsi Liscia Country Relais - Percorsi Liscia Country Relais - Percorsi Liscia Country Relais - Percorsi Liscia Country Relais - Percorsi Liscia Country Relais - Percorsi

Distance: 42,8 km
From OLBIA follow the signs to Tempio Pausania . Reached a roundabout signposted DAM LISCIA drive up to the old olive trees , continue on the same path for 1.5 km and you will find on the right the sign LISCIA RELAIS.

Distance: 51 km
Take the road 82, ring West Olbia , take the provincial road 38 in the direction of the provincial road 137 Luras . Then turn right at the junction of the dam Liscia and drive for 10 km.

Distance: 115 km Proceed towards the southwest. Take the exit of State Road 131 and continue for 36 km, then take the exit for Flornas and follow directions for Tempio Pausania Provincial Road 68. Once you reach the Tempio follow the signs to Luras , at the roundabout take the provincial road 136 in towards Lake Liscia , after about 7 km , bear left at the fork to Olbia and continue for 10 km.

Distance: 41 km
Head north - east on State Road 127 north of Sardinia , follow directions for Tempio Pausania in Provincial Road 38, at the junction of Lake Liscia , turn right and drive for 10 km.

Distance : 120 km
Proceed towards the southwest. Take the Provincial Road 44 for 5 km and then follow the SS 291 , take the exit for Cagliari and enter State Road 131. After 22 km take the exit for Florinas and continue on Provincial Road 68 ( indication Tempio ) . Once you reach the Temple follow the signs to Luras , at the roundabout take the provincial road 136 in the direction of Lake Liscia , after about 7 km , bear left at the fork to Olbia and continue for 10 km.

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Località Carana, 22
07025 Luras (OT)
Sardegna - ITALIA

41°00'33.8"N 9°16'01.1"E
41.009389, 9.266972

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